Lead Staff

Dennis R. Miller Dennis R. Miller

Dennis R. Miller Lead Pastor

Brent Stringer Brent Stringer

Brent Stringer Executive Pastor

Steve Fish Steve Fish

Steve Fish Teaching Pastor and Director of Missions

Rachel Pyle Rachel Pyle

Rachel Pyle Executive Assistant

Worship Ministries

Sam Ward Sam Ward

Sam Ward Pastor of Worship

Dan Friend Dan Friend

Dan Friend Director of Music

Jason Holliday Jason Holliday

Jason Holliday Pastor of Worship

Michala Brooks Michala Brooks

Michala Brooks Technical Director

Adult Ministries

Erin Stringer Erin Stringer

Erin Stringer Director of Word/Walk Ministries

Craig Mickey Craig Mickey

Craig Mickey Pastor of Assimilation & Sports Ministries

Lyndsay Kline Lyndsay Kline

Lyndsay Kline Ministry Assistant for Word/Walk Ministries

Student Ministries

Matt Stemen Matt Stemen

Matt Stemen Pastor of High School Ministries

Brian Kramer Brian Kramer

Brian Kramer Pastor of Middle School Ministries

Carla Truesdale Carla Truesdale

Carla Truesdale Ministry Assistant for Youth

Children's Ministries

Shandra Hathaway Shandra Hathaway

Shandra Hathaway Pastor of Children's Ministries

Kevin Poole Kevin Poole

Kevin Poole Pastor of Elementary Ministries

Julie Llewellyn Julie Llewellyn

Julie Llewellyn Director of Early Childhood Ministries

Deb Veenstra Deb Veenstra

Deb Veenstra Nursery Coordinator

Quinn Fetters Quinn Fetters

Quinn Fetters ABLE Ministries Intern

Counseling and Care Ministries

Robert Bruce Robert Bruce

Robert Bruce Pastor of Caring Ministries

Ron Ramsey Ron Ramsey

Ron Ramsey Associate Pastor

C. Ray Miller C. Ray Miller

C. Ray Miller Visitation Pastor

Kim Fish Kim Fish

Kim Fish Counselor and Director of Women's Ministries

Michelle Blocher Michelle Blocher

Michelle Blocher Visitation Pastor

Jennifer Smith Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith Ministry Assistant for Care

Administrative Staff

Jana Martin Jana Martin

Jana Martin Office Manager

Kelli Callebs Kelli Callebs

Kelli Callebs Receptionist

Jessi Hott Jessi Hott

Jessi Hott Director of Videography & Design

Maintenance Staff

Mike Strite Mike Strite

Mike Strite Facility Manager

Tim Blocher Tim Blocher

Tim Blocher Maintenance Staff

Dan Buckley Dan Buckley

Dan Buckley Maintenance Staff

Julie Lee Julie Lee

Julie Lee Housekeeping

Charlie Logomasini Charlie Logomasini

Charlie Logomasini Housekeeping

Rick Hullinger Rick Hullinger

Rick Hullinger Maintenance Staff