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Thailand Team Update
Thailand Team Update by Guest Blogger

After 25+ hours of travel, the team arrived in Chiang Mai eager to get some rest so we could begin the week ahead.  The team awoke to a lovely break in the heat in Chiang Mai, a comfortable 85 with a slight breeze. We spent the morning taking a tour of the print shop operation. They were in…

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Relying on Peer Pressure by Guest Blogger

Peer pressure is real. It is an especially significant force for young people trying to navigate the challenges of adolescence. However it is not something to be feared. In fact, as youth workers we need to press in on the fact that students hold such sway in the decisions their friends…

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Missing God’s Perspective by Guest Blogger

There is nothing so unique about this testimony, but I believed that God wanted me to share it and helped me write it. I believe it is relatable.  Pastor Denny, a few weeks ago, said that sometimes people just don't take the opportunity to be baptized. And it struck me that I did in…

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Unable to Sing by Guest Blogger

Friday night I stood at the kitchen sink, scrubbing dishes, thinking of everyone else out having fun while I was stuck inside the house, and cried. I want to run away. Never come back. I want to go back to the past where things were easy. I want to run to the future where my daughter is…

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