Parenting Resources

by Kent Koteskey

Last weekend was great fun for me to share with you from scripture some thoughts on parenting.  I’ve really enjoyed the anecdotes that several fellow parents have shared with me, especially the “Things I Never Thought I’d Say... Until I Became a Parent.”

Several folks have almost asked me about resources that they might use as they continue to learn about being awesome parents (remember, LEADERS are LEARNERS!).  So I assembled a short list of some of my favorites!

These are two of my favorites for the earlier parenting years. Great things to think about as we set up an excellent “creating awesome kids” environment in our homes...

These are two of my favorites for the early teen years... and they’re older books which means you can pick them up VERY inexpensively online!

If you’re not a reader, but would prefer to listen... this series of podcasts from Andy Stanley is PACKED with great stuff!  Six parts to the series... some of which I shamelessly ripped off to share with you last weekend!

I mentioned in the message that Amy and I experienced the pain of miscarriage between the births of Geoff and Katie.  In that time of our lives, this book was super helpful!

And if you’re looking for something that’s a little more academic in its approach, this one gives a deeper understanding of the context of adolescence that we’ve created in our society.  Be careful with this author... his youngest kid turned out kinda sketchy...

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