L1fe to L1fe MENTORING

Thursday, March 1 - All Day

L1fe to L1fe Mentoring

If you are an individual or couple interested in having a mentor, we want to introduce you to our L1fe to L1fe Ministry. Jesus himself invited others to walk alongside him as he lived out the principles of the kingdom directly into real time situations. We want to do the same thing. We want to journey with others to experience growth in our walks by experience and example.

If you want a model, a voice of wisdom, a coach, a cheerleader, and eventually a trusted friend, you may request a mentor or a mentor couple by clicking here.  The purpose of the Mentoring Intake Form is to provide the Mentoring Ministry Leadership valuable information that will help properly pair Mentees with Mentors as well as create custom curriculum for each Mentee. All information provided on the intake form will be kept in confidence.



Photo of Kim Fish Name: Kim Fish
Position: Counselor and Director of Women's Ministries
Email: kfish@eccfw.org

Posted in: Adults, General

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