Tuesday, October 10 - November 28 from 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Learn how to free yourself from unnecessary anxiety and fear so you can experience a renewed sense of freedom and engage in life more fully. There are many reasons why a person may suffer too much anxiety. Anxiety can be a useful emotion that informs us that we need to be prepared for stressful situations. But many times, anxiety can be overwhelming, even in everyday circumstances. This type of anxiety can distort our thinking and interfere with other important areas of our lives.

In this 8‐week group you will learn what contributes to anxiety and the skills to help you manage anxiety and stressful situations effectively. In addition, you will learn techniques that will give you a new way of thinking and understanding your anxiety. Tools, exercises and skills are developed over the 8 weeks to assist you with general anxiety, social anxiety and anxiety over specific situations. The group will learn what Scripture tells us about anxiety and how we can cope with overcoming stressful and anxiety provoking situations.

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