I hadn’t been in the pastoral ministry for very long when I realized that many Christians are unable to use their Bibles effectively.  In fact, many people are even unable to find their way around the Book of Books.  For me, one of the first steps in really understanding a book or topic is to first understand the ‘big picture’ or survey.

As I began teaching this survey I realized that most Christians have never really seen the ‘big picture’ of the Word.  And as they began to see it, suddenly much of their previous learning began to make much more sense to them.  It has been fun to watch the expressions of understanding as the Bible began to unfold in a new way.

I have now been teaching this Bible survey for more than 30 years.  It is a compilation of the things that I have learned and taught and I’m sure that it will continue to grow and develop.  My hope is that you will grasp this survey and that it will enhance your knowledge and future study of God’s Word.

Dennis R. Miller


Grow In HIS Word is designed to help the believer learn about the Word of God in an orderly manner, to give a sense of confidence in the Bible, and be comfortable using it to teach others or to share their faith.  Because of the acrostics that are used to designate time periods in the Old and New Testament and the Life of Christ, a believer can remember what he or she has learned and hopefully, even where to find it.

This study is designed so that a student will read most of the Bible throughout the course.  The entire study includes 52 lessons covering the Old and New Testaments.  Each lesson includes application questions to create discussion and hopefully some spiritual wrestling.

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