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Divided by Dennis Miller

We start our first sermon series from 1 CORINTHIANS with the main issue the church was facing — DIVISION. We will call this series DIVIDED even though the purpose of Paul’s letter was to encourage them to be UNTIED. In this study, we will see how Paul reviews their benefits in Christ…

1 Corinthians by Dennis Miller

We begin a one-year study of 1 Corinthians and in this first message, we dive into verses 1-3 and get a bit of an overview of the author and his audience. The Corinthian people are called “saints,” not because of the way they lived, but because of Who they knew. That will be a key…

You Are Not Forgotten by Dennis Miller


Joseph Not Forgotten - Nothing by Dennis Miller


Joseph Not Forgotten - Obedient by Dennis Miller


Joseph Not Forgotten - Willing by Dennis Miller


Joseph Not Forgotten - Noble by Dennis Miller

We begin a four-week series on Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus. We will learn that he wasn’t forgotten by God and we aren’t either.

Out of Egypt

This message will investigate what the Scriptures teach about welcoming the stranger. God sent both the people of Israel and Jesus through Egypt on the way to completing His plan of salvation. He sent them to a land where they were aliens and strangers. As we thankfully consider all of the…

In The Beginning, God - Genesis 11

We will study the REAL NIMROD this weekend as we move to the story of the TOWER OF BABEL in Genesis 11.

In The Beginning, God - Genesis 9

We finish the flood story in Genesis 9:1-17 and learn about the things that changed after the flood, and the Covenant that God established with the earth. It is a wonderful story of how God made peace with us!