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Victory - 3 by Dennis Miller

We are reminded that Paul said that the resurrection wasn’t the end of the story, but the beginning. So we continue our journey through 1 Corinthians 15 and learn about what happens to our bodies after this life. Paul uses some great examples to help us understand this concept.

Victory - 2 by Dennis Miller

We continue our series called VICTORY as we look at the "Bad News and the Good News" of the resurrection. The “good news” is not only that He was raised, but that it was the BEGINNING of lots of other things! This is a part of the story that we often overlook.

Victory - 1 by Dennis Miller

We begin a new series from 1 Corinthians 15 called VICTORY. We are jumping from chapter 4 to chapter 15 to study this during the Holy Week season. I don’t like doing things out of order, but this one is worth it. We will begin by seeing the reasons why Paul believed in the resurrection.

Entrusted - Imitate Me by Steve Fish

The power of God is found in the consistency of godliness. This weekend, Paul will remind the Corinthian Church that the power of God is not in what we say or know, but in how we live.

Entrusted - Audience of One by Steve Fish

We begin the Entrusted series from 1 Corinthians 4. When his authority was questioned, Paul shared the universal truth that believers live only for the approval their Lord. We will gain a second understanding of what it means for us to be servants of Jesus. We will also be challenged to…

Daniel Henderson - Taking Jesus At His Word

It is with great pleasure we welcome Dr. Daniel Henderson to ECC this weekend and pray that you also will find his encouragement for worship-based prayer a blessing!

Learning With Pictures - 3 by Dennis Miller

We conclude our series on LEARNING IN PICTURES by looking at the end of Chapter 3. We will be reminded again about the futility of human wisdom and the foolishness of boasting about human leaders. Paul is strong in this passage as he wraps up this discussion and gives us some application.

Learning With Pictures - 2 by Dennis Miller


Learning With Pictures - 1 by Dennis Miller

We begin a short 3-week series called LEARNING WITH PICTURES. Maybe Paul realized how difficult chapters 1 & 2 were, so now he uses lots of word pictures to help us understand the message. In this study, we see the problem of worldliness and the joy of being a servant of God.

Divided - 4 by Dennis Miller

We conclude our series on DIVIDED and learn about God’s Wisdom in contrast to human wisdom. We will see that the world CAN’T know and CAN’T understand Christ or Christians! And we will see what Christians know that makes us extra special.