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In The Beginning, God - Genesis 8 by Dennis Miller

We continue our Genesis study by looking at Chapter 8 and the end of the flood. We learn a lot about God and Noah in this chapter, and we will try to understand the dates and times that Noah’s family spent in that box!

In The Beginning, God - Genesis 7

The rains begin as we study the 7th chapter of Genesis and continue our look at the Flood Story. Many people reject this account as myth or “figurative,” but I would suggest that the story happened as recorded. In this study, we see the animals arrive, the flood begin, and God closing the door.

In The Beginning, God - Genesis 6:9

We focus on the ARK of Noah and learn about its building and purpose. We will see that God had definite plans and the Noah was obedient. It is a wonderful chapter of Scripture!

In The Beginning, God - Genesis 6 by Dennis Miller

Let’s just say it up front, this weekend we are studying one of the strangest passages in all of Scripture. We learn about the epitome of sin that led to the flood. (It is the “rest of the story” that we didn’t learn as children!) We will look at the seriousness of sin and God’s…

In The Beginning, God - Genesis 5

We will study the genealogy of Adam. We will remember together that God is able to deliver on His promises. As you read this passage, take note of variations in the form of the writing.

In The Beginning, God - Genesis 4

We look at the world's first brothers who were permanently separated by the vicious attack of one against the other. This horrendous act will clearly reveal the nature of God.

In The Beginning, God - Genesis 3

We continue our series in Genesis by moving to chapter 3 and the story of SIN. There is much to learn here about the nature of sin and God’s plan to cover our sin. One of the worst results of sin is separation. Please read the chapter in preparation for worship.

In The Beginning, God - Genesis 2

This weekend is the story of the creation of man and woman which is still so important for us today! We will explore the purpose of man, his place in the world, and also the critical role of his partner, woman.

In The Beginning, God - Genesis 1

We begin an eleven-week study of the Book of Genesis and see what God tells us about origins, sin, the flood and the nations. This week is chapter one and the creation story.

I Asked For It - The Purpose of the Church

I prepared an “I ASKED FOR IT” sermon where I can share with you what I believe is the focus and direction of ECC but also suggest your involvement. It has been interesting for me to put this on paper and I look forward to sharing it.