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The End and the Beginning - The Beginning of Understanding

Today we watch the Emmaus friends rush back to Jerusalem to tell their story, but they are too late. In this passage, Jesus shows His scars to the Apostles and confirms His resurrection.  And we finally see the disciples “get it.”

The End and the Beginning - The Beginning of Belief

Today we see the resurrected Jesus take a walk with some of His followers.  Even though they are kept from identifying Him immediately, they are taught by Him and it all begins to make sense.  This account is a rare glimpse into the way that Jesus revealed Himself following the…

The End and the Beginning - The Beginning of Life

Today we continue our series on Beginnings, by looking at the Beginning of Life. The resurrection of Jesus was a victory for Him, but it was also a great victory for all of us who follow Him. Because He lives, we too shall live — even after death!

The End and the Beginning - The Beginning of Access

Our Good Friday service message

The End and the Beginning - The Beginning of Hope

Today we begin the last series of our study of the Gospel of Luke.  In this six-weeks series, we see that the END is really the BEGINNING. We will learn that unlike other biographies where death is the end, in this story, it is just the beginning of many things that we still enjoy and…

Beginning of the End - The End of Freedom

Today we conclude our series on THE BEGINNING OF THE END by looking at the last moment of Jesus’ freedom.  We see that although no one can show Him to be guilty of any crime, He is condemned because of hatred. And we realize that the end of Jesus’ freedom is the beginning of ours! 

Beginning of the End - The End of the Earthly Kingdom

Today we come near the end of the life of Jesus and of our series. In this study, we see the beginning of the false charges and the mock trials that Jesus endured. And we see that He didn’t budge as to Who He was and what He came to do!

The Beginning of the End - The End of Fear

We continue our series by watching the soldiers arrest Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and walk Him to Caiaphas’ house. Throughout the chaos, Jesus was under control... and in control. Peter, on the other hand, was controlled by fear. From the interactions between Jesus and Peter, we…

Transforming Prayer Weekend

Daniel Henderson is a pastor, preacher, renewal catalyst, leadership coach, author, husband, father, grandfather and (most importantly) a passionate Christ-follower. For over two decades, he has brought prayer-based revitalization to several mega-churches. Now he is dedicating his…

The Beginning of the End - The End of Prophecy

We continue our series by looking at the last part of the LAST SUPPER before Jesus and disciples went to the Garden of Gethsemane.  We see that even after three years with Jesus, the disciples were struggling with the same issues of pride. We also see Jesus’ final instructions to them.