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Here We Stand - Prioritize

Today we begin a sermon series that has been 28 years in the making. What is Emmanuel Community Church all about and what are we trying to accomplish? In this series I don’t want to suggest that we change our focus, but that we clarify and sharpen it.  Today we will be encouraged to…

ManCave - No One Created to Hide

The awe and wonder surrounding the babies born in the Christmas story continue to hang in our hearts and minds this final weekend of 2015.  So today, let's consider our own responsibilities as created children who are formed in God’s image.  This message is especially directed to men,…

Awe & Wonder - God’s Salvation

Today we conclude our series on a miraculously-born baby, John the Baptist.  And although it seems like an odd story to study at Christmas, we see that this story is essential to the Christmas story.  In this study we see the praise that an old priest shares concerning this wonderful event.

Awe & Wonder - God’s Faithfulness

It seems odd to study the birth of John the Baptist during the Christmas season, but it helps us understand the big picture of God’s perfect plan.  In this study, we see the awe and wonder that surrounds the gift from God to a childless couple.

Awe & Wonder - God’s Word

Today we begin our Christmas series and it might be a bit unusual.  Instead of studying the traditional Christmas story, we will learn about the events that led to that first Christmas night.  In this first text, we learn of Mary’s wonder and God’s Word.

In Transition - True Commitment

Today we conclude the short IN TRANSITION series by looking at what it takes to truly follow Jesus.  Our Lord has taught His disciples about True Greatness and True Mercy as He begins His final trip to Jerusalem.  He now explains what it involves to truly follow Him.  Today’s church…

In Transition - True Mercy

Today we study a short passage of Scripture that teaches a principle of looking forward. Many times we look backward and carry lots of bitterness and anger when, as a Christian, there is just no need for that.  In this story, we want to learn how NOT to act like James and John, but in…

In Transition - True Greatness

Today we start a short 3-week series on the TRANSITION that Jesus faces as He leaves the area of Galilee and heads towards Jerusalem.  In this study, we will see how He prepares His disciples (and Himself) for a drastic change in preparation for suffering. Hopefully, we will learn how to…

REACH Weekend - Follow

When we try out for a serious sports team, we have to meet certain standards. What does it take to join Jesus’ team, i.e. be His disciple? This weekend we will unpack this important topic: how do we live out Jesus’ standards as American Christians, and how are other disciples around the…

Power of Jesus - Over A Demon and Doubt

Today we conclude the POWER OF JESUS series with the study of an unusual miracle and scolding by Jesus.  We see a particularly difficult demon that Jesus confronts.  And we see that His power is beyond that of all others.