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Elements of Faith - Faith In Comparison

In Today’s message we conclude the series Elements of Faith.  We have seen the various pathways of trust people have taken in response to who Jesus is.  Now, let’s challenge ourselves to respond to Jesus in a way that parallels the faith expressed by one sinful woman.  From her story…

Elements of Faith - Faith Through Confusion

In the beginning of Luke’s gospel, John the Baptist proclaimed the coming of the Messiah. Now, John has a question.  Of all the lessons in this series on faith, today’s may be the most penetrating. What happens when our faith in Jesus does not produce what we expect?  Today we…

Elements of Faith - Faith Through Compassion

Our faith may grow directly out of our understanding who God is.  In today’s account, Jesus acted out of a heartfelt compassion which reflects His divine nature.  The demonstration of power over death was birthed through Jesus' compassion toward a needy widow.  In seeing His response…

Elements of Faith - Faith Through Conflict

We have learned about Jesus through our study of Luke – who he is, what he did, how he lived and what he taught. Now, Luke draws our attention to how people responded to him.    Our series begins by focusing on a surprising figure who comes to faith in Jesus through a conflict larger…

The Heart: Understanding Jesus - Wise and Foolish

Today we are reminded that it is NOT what we know, but what we DO that makes us true disciples.  Jesus uses a masterful illustration to close His teaching, encouraging people to apply it.

The Heart: Understanding Jesus - Judging

Today we look at a very popular topic that the world seems to misunderstand about Christianity.  Jesus teaches us not to be condemning, but to be discerning.

The Heart: Understanding Jesus - Love Your Enemies

Today we come to an easier passage to understand, but much more difficult to implement.  We continue the “heart of hearts” of Kingdom teaching, and realize that this “loving enemies” command may be the toughest for Christians to obey.

The Heart: Understanding Jesus - Sin and Repentance

Today we begin our third series in the Gospel of Luke by seeing THE HEART OF JESUS’ MINISTRY.  In this series, we learn what Jesus is all about and we see Him become more proactive in Kingdom teaching.  In this first study, we see that He can’t do anything for “righteous people”…

The Heart: Understanding Jesus - The Lord of the Sabbath

When Jesus Speaks - Sin

Today we come to the conclusion of our series on WHEN JESUS SPEAKS, by looking at His greatest statement in this section, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” Here we see that although many others have proclaimed Him to be God, He now does so Himself. This is an important passage for all…