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You Asked For It - The Word of God

We conclude the You Asked for It series by looking at the Scriptures. I had numerous questions about trusting the Bible to be God’s Word, which translation of the Bible to use, and how to study the Bible for yourself. I will try to answer these questions in one message as we deal with…

You Asked For It - Song of Songs

We continue the You Asked for It series by responding to five different requests concerning the Song of Songs. We will look at the various ways the book has been understood and also try to understand the value of the book today.

You Asked For It - What About Other Religions?

This weekend we will learn from Paul’s journey to Athens how we may effectively witness to people of other religions. With a focus on Islam, we will be reminded of the beauty of God’s salvation through the sacrifice of His one and only Son.

You Asked For It - Death, Burial and Afterlife

....We continue our YOU ASKED FOR IT SERIES by looking at the topic of cremation, afterlife and judgment. It doesn’t sound too upbeat, but I think you’ll find it helpful, even to answer others when they ask a question.

You Asked For It - All About Forgiveness by Dennis Miller

We continue the You Asked for It series by trying to answer about nine questions dealing with God’s forgiveness, self-forgiveness, and the topic of eternal security. We will also end the service with Holy Communion.

You Asked For It - What Do We Believe?

We begin our YOU ASKED FOR IT series by trying to answer the question, “What do we believe as a church?” In January of this year I asked for topics and questions for this summer series. I received more than 130 responses. When I began to group them, I realized that many were asking…

Citizen of Heaven by Steve Fish

This weekend we will look at King David’s song of deliverance to discover how he found security and assurance in the stress of his world. Do you feel secure today? In Christ, we are citizens of heaven. God in His love for us has given every assurance that we stand of the cornerstone of…

King Solomon - Solomon’s Final Years

We finish the KING SOLOMON series by looking at his last days and legacy. It isn’t pretty! However, we can learn from the mistakes of others and we are wise to do so. In this study, we will see Solomon’s own words near the end of his life and see his unfaithful heart.

King Solomon - Solomon’s Decline

We continue our Solomon series by seeing his decline from a man of God to a person who has lost his way. In this study, we will see that in 1 Kings 11, Solomon falls into sin and God removes His blessing. Solomon’s sin wasn’t deliberate and wasn’t a quick fall, but a slow, steady…

King Solomon - Solomon’s Wealth & Success

We continue the KING SOLOMON series and see his incredible wealth and fame. Solomon was successful in almost everything he attempted, but how does a person handle that kind of lifestyle? That will be our focus.