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King Solomon - Solomon’s Wealth & Success

We continue the KING SOLOMON series and see his incredible wealth and fame. Solomon was successful in almost everything he attempted, but how does a person handle that kind of lifestyle? That will be our focus.

King Solomon - Solomon’s Worship

We continue our study of KING SOLOMON and see the Temple and his Prayer of Dedication. This study really helps us understand Solomon’s heart and the period of history that he ruled. I think you will be encouraged by this study.

King Solomon - Solomon’s Wisdom

We continue our Solomon series by looking at his wisdom - which extends over many years of his life. No one who ever lived was wise like Solomon and it was a gift from God. In this study we see the source of Solomon’s wisdom, how he used it, and what we can learn for our own lives to…

King Solomon - Solomon’s Beginnings

THIS WEEKEND we begin the King Solomon series. Our focus for the study will be on the good things that we learn from this great king. Although, near the end of the series, we will also talk about some of his failures that we want to avoid in our lives. In this study, we see Solomon’s…

She Speaks Wisdom - More Than Rubies

May 14th, 2017

The End and the Beginning - The Beginning of Our Story

Today we conclude our series and also conclude the study of Luke which began on November 30, 2014. In this study, we see Jesus ascending into heaven and the disciples preparing for the Holy Spirit and the new “church.” We will also take some time to review the things that we’ve…

The End and the Beginning - The Beginning of Understanding

Today we watch the Emmaus friends rush back to Jerusalem to tell their story, but they are too late. In this passage, Jesus shows His scars to the Apostles and confirms His resurrection.  And we finally see the disciples “get it.”

The End and the Beginning - The Beginning of Belief

Today we see the resurrected Jesus take a walk with some of His followers.  Even though they are kept from identifying Him immediately, they are taught by Him and it all begins to make sense.  This account is a rare glimpse into the way that Jesus revealed Himself following the…

The End and the Beginning - The Beginning of Life

Today we continue our series on Beginnings, by looking at the Beginning of Life. The resurrection of Jesus was a victory for Him, but it was also a great victory for all of us who follow Him. Because He lives, we too shall live — even after death!

The End and the Beginning - The Beginning of Access

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