You Asked For It 2017

Start Date: July 16, 2017
Dennis Miller

This six-part study generated from questions YOU asked which covers: What We Believe, Forgiveness, Cremation, Burial and Afterlife, Islam, The Song of Songs, and The Bible.

David: a one-man Musical

Start Date: July 9, 2017
Sam Ward

A one‐man musical about DAVID, the giant killing, song writing, chosen king who wrote psalms still sung today. Starring Sam Ward, this 45 min piece is a preview of a full‐length musical to be performed downtown with all‐for‐One Productions in February. 

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Start Date: July 2, 2017
Steve Fish

This weekend we will look at King David’s song of deliverance to discover how he found security and assurance in the stress of his world.  Do you feel secure today?  In Christ, we are citizens of heaven.  God in His love for us has given every assurance that we stand of the cornerstone of Christ – not only for today but for all eternity.

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King Solomon

Start Date: May 21, 2017
Dennis Miller

Today we begin a six-part series on the life of King Solomon.  Our focus, will be on the good things that we learn from this great king.  Although, near the end of the series, we will talk about some of his failures that we want to avoid in our lives. 

She Speaks Wise Words

Start Date: May 14, 2017
Steve Fish

Today we examine the wisdom offered in Proverbs 31:10-31.  Wisdom literature helps us address the deepest questions of life.  With the hum of various Mother’s Day messages ringing in the background, we will focus on one of the most penetrating questions:  What is the worth of a person?

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The End and the Beginning

Start Date: April 9, 2017
Dennis Miller

In this six- weeks series, we see that the END is really the BEGINNING. We will learn that unlike other biographies where death is the end, in this story, it is just the beginning of many things that we still enjoy and celebrate today.  

The Answer That Changes Everything

Start Date: March 12, 2017
Daniel Henderson

For over two decades, Daniel Henderson has brought prayer-based revitalization to several mega-churches. Now he is dedicating his full-time efforts to help congregations across the country experience renewal and turn-around as he speaks to thousands each year at conferences and prayer events.  

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The Beginning of the End

Start Date: March 19, 2017
Dennis Miller

This 5-week series will take us to the cross.  We look at the last 24 hours of the life of Jesus in this “The Beginning of the End” series.  

Testing Jesus

Start Date: January 1, 2017
Dennis Miller

Today we begin a new sermon series that shows how fearful Jesus’ enemies were, and yet, how wise Jesus is. Throughout these passages we see people desperately trying to stump Jesus with questions that seem unanswerable — and yet, He makes them look foolish with His answers.We begin with the story of the 12-year-old Jesus at the Temple. 

Remember When

Start Date: November 27, 2016
Dennis Miller

Today we begin a Christmas series about the “forgotten people” of the story — Simeon and Anna. These two people teach us how to wait and worship! In today’s passage though, we look at the story of obedience of Mary and Joseph which leads us to the stories of Simeon and Anna. 

Kingdom Thinking

Start Date: October 9, 2016
Dennis Miller

Today we begin a new series that focuses on God’s Kingdom. It is a difficult concept to those of us who have never lived in a monarchy, but was quite common in Jesus’ time. In these seven passages through the end of Luke 19, we see a focus on the Kingdom and how to become a part of it (salvation). In today’s study, we see the importance of coming to the King “like a little child.” 

Stories & Parables

Start Date: August 21, 2016
Dennis Miller & Steve Fish

Today we begin a section of Luke where there is one story or parable after another, and each one seems to contain a surprise twist.  In each, we learn that God’s way of viewing things is often different than man’s.