King Saul: Don’t Try This At Home

Dennis Miller

Elements of Faith

Steve Fish

We have learned about Jesus through our study of Luke – who He is, what He did, how He lived and what He taught. Now, Luke draws our attention to how people responded to him. 

The Heart - Understanding Jesus

Dennis Miller

This third series in the Gospel of Luke focuses on seeing the heart of Jesus' ministry.  In this series, we learn what Jesus is all about and we see Him become more proactive in Kingdom teaching. 

When Jesus Speaks

Dennis Miller

This new series returns to our study of the Gospel of Luke, and focuses on the words of Jesus. In this five week study, we will see that when Jesus speaks, things happen! 

The Cup

Dennis Miller

This three-part series focuses on the words, “The Cup,” and particularly what Jesus meant by this phrase. We see Jesus use these words several times in Scripture, without really explaining their meaning. 

The Story Begins

Dennis Miller

This sermon series kicks off our 3 year study of Luke, Pastor Denny's favorite Gospel.  By the end we will have a depth of understanding, and a great appreciation for this wonderful book. 

Trading Spaces

Steve Fish

This weekend, we will focus on Christ's willingness to leave heaven and enter our world for our salvation.  Paul was also willing to bring the gospel message by becoming all things to all people. The challenge for us is to step outside our comfort zone and enter someone else’s world.

Remember This

Dennis Miller

This 3-week series comes from the words of Paul.  We will be reminded to be generous in three ways, in Righteousness, in Resources, and in Relationships as we begin a new year. 

Poured Out

Matt Graham

We live in a society filled with conflict, division, and people demanding their “rights." In order for us to truly stand out, we need to be willing to live selflessly, giving up everything we have in order to glorify God.

God’s Perfect Plan

Dennis Miller

This sermon series focuses on the Christmas account in Luke 2.  We will try to understand the story better, and we will see prophecies that help us to appreciate the Christmas story even more!