Dennis Miller & Steve Fish

Rejecting Jesus

Dennis Miller


Dennis Miller

In this series Jesus seems to be intentionally OFFENSIVE to the religious people. This four week series closes with the words, “the scribes and the Pharisees began to be very hostile.” 

Stay Focused

Steve Fish

We pick back up in Luke 10 to find that Jesus sent disciples ahead of Him on His journey towards the city. Beyond any work we will do, our first call is to stay focused on one amazing truth - we are His.

Here We Stand

Dennis Miller

What is Emmanuel Community Church all about and what are we trying to accomplish? In this series we don’t want to suggest that we change our focus, but that we clarify and sharpen it. 


Steve Fish

This message is especially directed to men, but we will be reminded that as God’s creation, we all were for designed for dominion–no one was created to hide

Awe & Wonder

Dennis Miller

Instead of studying the traditional Christmas story, we will learn about the events that led to that first Christmas night. 

In Transition

Dennis Miller

This series focues on the TRANSITION that Jesus faces as He leaves the area of Galilee and heads towards Jerusalem.  We see how He prepares His disciples (and Himself) for a drastic change in preparation for suffering.

REACH Weekend - Follow


What does it take to join Jesus’ team, i.e. be His disciple? How do we live out Jesus’ standards as American Christians, and how are other disciples around the world doing the same?

Power of Jesus

Dennis Miller

This is a 7-week series on the Power of Jesus where we see that this power amazed, startled, and frightened the people who experienced it.  We learn that nothing on planet earth has ever been seen like this power.