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Lead Staff

Dennis R. Miller Dennis R. Miller

Dennis R. Miller Lead Pastor

Brent Stringer Brent Stringer

Brent Stringer Executive Pastor

Adult, Care, and Missions Ministries

Craig Mickey Craig Mickey

Craig Mickey Pastor of Assimilation & Sports Ministries

Gary Dilley Gary Dilley

Gary Dilley Pastor of Spiritual Care & Missions

Jennifer Smith Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith Women's Pastor

Mark Vincenti Mark Vincenti

Mark Vincenti Pastor of Prayer

Dan Friend Dan Friend

Dan Friend Pastor of Spiritual Care

Erin Stringer Erin Stringer

Erin Stringer Director of Adult Discipleship

Casey Ferrell Casey Ferrell

Casey Ferrell Pastor of Young Adults and Online

Dave vonGunten Dave vonGunten

Dave vonGunten Care Minister

Amy Ault Amy Ault

Amy Ault Ministry Assistant for Care

Carla Truesdale Carla Truesdale

Carla Truesdale Ministry Assistant for Young Adults and Education Trips

Children’s & Student Ministries

Matt Stemen Matt Stemen

Matt Stemen Pastor of High School Ministries

Brian Kramer Brian Kramer

Brian Kramer Pastor of Middle School Ministries

Karena Schroeder Karena Schroeder

Karena Schroeder Pastor of Children's Ministry

Shandra Hathaway Shandra Hathaway

Shandra Hathaway Pastor of Elementary Ministries

Julie Llewellyn Julie Llewellyn

Julie Llewellyn Pastor of Early Childhood Ministries

Cassie Fischer Cassie Fischer

Cassie Fischer Early Childhood Ministry Assistant

Tricia Moore Tricia Moore

Tricia Moore Youth Ministry Assistant

Kelly Mulvey Kelly Mulvey

Kelly Mulvey Elementary Ministry Assistant

Noah Reinchenbach Noah Reinchenbach

Noah Reinchenbach Youth Ministries Intern

Worship Ministries

Sam Ward Sam Ward

Sam Ward Pastor of Worship

Kevin Poole Kevin Poole

Kevin Poole Technical Director

Jay LeBlanc Jay LeBlanc

Jay LeBlanc Worship Leader

Sam Delagrange Sam Delagrange

Sam Delagrange Production Manager

Justin Poole Justin Poole

Justin Poole Worship Intern

Trisha Everett Trisha Everett

Trisha Everett Worship Ministry Assistant

Joel McChesney Joel McChesney

Joel McChesney Tech & Production Intern

Administration & Facilities

Mike Strite Mike Strite

Mike Strite Facility Manager

Dan Buckley Dan Buckley

Dan Buckley Maintenance Staff

Jana Martin Jana Martin

Jana Martin Office Manager

Kelli Callebs Kelli Callebs

Kelli Callebs Receptionist

Amy Baker Amy Baker

Amy Baker Receptionist

Miranda Gust Miranda Gust

Miranda Gust Video and Communications Coordinator

Randy Solis Housekeeping

Mary Felton Mary Felton

Mary Felton Housekeeping

Teresa Roberts Teresa Roberts

Teresa Roberts Housekeeping


Dennis Miller Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller Elder

Gary Aldridge Gary Aldridge

Gary Aldridge Elder

Josh Barnett Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett Elder

Lowell Griffin Lowell Griffin

Lowell Griffin Elder

Nate Reusser Nate Reusser

Nate Reusser Elder

Craig Sloan Craig Sloan

Craig Sloan Elder

Jon Chadwick Jon Chadwick

Jon Chadwick Elder

Ian Sharer Ian Sharer

Ian Sharer Elder

Brian Emerick Brian Emerick

Brian Emerick Elder

Kevin Fitzharris Kevin Fitzharris

Kevin Fitzharris Elder

Monte Lightner Monte Lightner

Monte Lightner Elder