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Emmanuel Christian School - Update #4

by eccoffice

Last week we sent out a list of FAQs that are important for the day-to-day operations of the school. We now direct our focus on tuition, as that, undoubtedly, will largely impact your decision-making.

Our goal is to keep tuition at an accessible level while still covering the costs of providing an excellent education with fantastic faculty and a low student-to-staff ratio. A low student-to-staff ratio benefits student achievement, lightens the workload for teachers, helps build relationships between students and staff, and allows teachers to focus on quality.

Below you will find an outline of the 2023-2024 tuition rates. A full list of tuition and fees will be available on our new website in a few weeks. 

Upon review of the costs above, please keep two opportunities in mind. For those that qualify, we will have some assistance available. In addition, it is our intention to accept vouchers from the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program. The Indiana Choice Scholarship Program will significantly reduce the cost for many students, however, since the voucher system is dependent upon accreditation by the State Board of Education, and the state makes accreditation decisions later in the year, we will not know until late spring if these vouchers will be available for families the first year. To learn more about the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program, click HERE.

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