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Colson Fellows Program

Most of our Bible study throughout our Christian lives focuses on understanding God and learning how to live in right relationship to Him, ourselves, and each other--and this is unquestionably vital to our spiritual growth. However, the Bible also teaches us how to live in right relationship to every aspect of God's creation, which includes society, culture, art, economics, education, and politics, just to name a few. Furthermore, the Bible helps us understand how to properly order (or re-order) the fallen world as we join Christ in his work of restoring all things. This is where a "Christian worldview" proves vital.

Without question, there is much disorder today in areas such as marriage, family, human sexuality, and personhood. As disciples of Christ, we cannot truly love our neighbors and remain indifferent to ideas and actions that do harm to people and God's creation. The fact is, ideas have consequences and bad ideas have victims. Because we care about the victims of "bad ideas," we are pleased to partner with the Colson Center for Christian Worldview in bringing the Colson Fellows Program to Emmanuel Community Church.

The Colson Fellows Program is a transformational course that compresses a lifetime of Christian wisdom into ten months. This program will establish a solid foundation for those who are new to the study of Christian worldview, and for those who are well-versed in Christian worldview and apologetics, you will gain new insights into today's rapidly changing cultural context. Colson Fellows-in-Training go beyond understanding worldview as mere arguments and facts, and develop instead the critical thinking skills or wisdom to discern what is true, good, and beautiful in every situation so they can understand the times and know what to do.



Program Overview

Beginning each August, Colson Fellows-in-Training follow a carefully curated curriculum that helps them understand and identify worldviews and how they manifest in today's ideas, philosophies, policies and practice. You will learn how to analyze and understand culture and its influence. Additionally, we will examine current cultural flash points such as race relations, progressive sexuality, religious liberty, the role of government, economics, and sanctity of life to name a few. Finally, Colson Fellows-in-Training will examine the concept of “calling” and receive assistance in developing a plan to align their mission with God’s purpose.

Additional Program Features:

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Tuition for participation in the Colson Fellows Program is $900. However, in partnership with the Colson Center, $415 of the tuition fee is waived for Emmanuel Community Church attenders, making final cost $485. ECC is also offering a limited number of $200 tuition rebates to educators who enroll and complete the program.

Participants will need to purchase books from a source of their choosing, such as Amazon. Estimated book cost is an additional $200.