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Mark and Kim Searles                                        Tri Grace Ministries Ephraim, Utah

Mark and Kim will have an emphasis on relational ministry and outreach through the Solid Rock Café. This cafe is a ministry near the predominantly Mormon campus of Snow College. In an area that is less than 1% evangelical Christian, Mark and Kim have a tremendous opportunity to share their faith with college students and people from the community. They will also oversee the intern program and teach young adults, who have come in to serve with Tri Grace, how to share their faith and live Godly lives in front of others, as well as evangelize, train, teach, coach, serve, and disciple.

Mark and Kim would love to host their ministry partners and teams of people that would like to get involved in this ministry, along with speaking to anyone interested in learning more about Tri Grace Ministries and the Intern Program.

Dave and Cathie Datema                             Frontier Ventures, California 

Dave leads and manages a group of seven diverse ministries that all reside on the same 15-acre campus and seek to work together to bring the gospel to unreached people groups. Frontier Ventures is not a sending agency. They instead provide strategic mobilization and training programs for the wider body of Christ. There remain over two billion people without access to the gospel and a local group of believers. Dave and Cathie welcome ECC members to visit them in sunny southern California for vacation and to learn more about their life and ministry.


If you would like to be in touch with Dave, the best avenue do to so is to contact their Ministry Liaison.  Ministry Liaisons know the best way to get signed up for newsletters, send letters or packages, or what specific needs our partners have.  Use the button below to contact Dave's liaison.


Adam and Ola Löffler                               Josiah Venture, Poland

Our relationship with Josiah Ventures has many opportunities! We will be serving in their Youth Camps by teaching English and playing games with the Polish youth.  In addition to the camp experience, we will be in a relationship with a church in Gdynia, Poland, and will get to know the pastor and the church there. There is also a possibility for us to get connected through music ministry in Katowice.  Pictured are Adam & Ola Löffler who are our primary contacts in Gdynia.


If you have facebook, a great way to connect with the Löfflers is through their family group.  For other information, contact their ECC Liaison partners by clicking HERE.

Jenaya Bonner                                                  UB Global, China

Jenaya's ministry is primarily composed of two service areas. Jenaya spends much of her time teaching English and connecting relationally with her students outside of the classroom. She also serves as a leader in her local church, specifically by helping lead worship. Jenaya grew up attending ECC, and we are privileged to serve as Jenaya's sending church.


Brian and Rachel Glunt                     UB Global, Thailand

Brian and Rachel work in Thailand with the Good Soil Community Center. Through this community center (GSCC for short), they will offer English language classes and other felt needs of the local community, with the main focus being to connect with the Thai Buddhist population. This connection with the community will allow them to share the gospel through both words and actions with the hope of some coming to know Jesus Christ. As they find those who are being led by the Spirit to discover more about who Jesus is, the plan is to disciple them and encourage the development of house churches.

We are privileged to serve as the sending church for the Glunt family and look forward to participating in mission trips planned by our denomination that will be traveling to Thailand to learn about and support their mission.

If you have Facebook, a great way to see up-to-date info on the Glunt's mission is by asking to join their family group.


If you would like to be in touch with The Glunts, the best avenue do to so is to contact their Ministry Liaison.  Ministry Liaisons know the best way to get signed up for newsletters, send letters or packages, or what specific needs our parterns have.  Use the button below to contact the Glunt's liaison.