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Church Online

In a day like today, when we have a call to reach all people with the gospel and we have tools like the internet, what does that mean for the church?  

What if we could gather people together to be the church online? What if we could use these tools to help people learn about God’s Word and expand His kingdom?

When we asked those questions, we decided to create a place where we could learn about His Word and apply it to Our Walk, without the restrictions of building and location.

While our services are happening on campus, there are now people all over the world engaging with us in God’s Word and each other.  Attending church online gives you the opportunity to worship and learn as well as engage in the community of believers.  You can ask questions and have a conversation.  And you even have an opportunity to join a one-on-one prayer room for you with an ECC leader.  Maybe you want to share with them what is going on in your life and have them pray for you?

We hope that you’re able to grow closer to Jesus by learning more about God’s Word.  Our whole purpose is to help you follow Jesus so you can live out His Word in your daily Walk.

Online Service Times

We offer online services anytime we have services on campus.  To see our service schedule, click here.

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