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1 Peter: Suffering

Aug 30, 2020
Mark Vincenti
1st Peter

We’ll be wrapping up our series on 1 Peter. As we examine the final three verses in this wonderful letter, we will be reminded of some very important spiritual truths that will encourage us in our walk with Christ. 

Aug 23, 2020
Steve Fish
1st Peter

We learn to prepare for and endure hardship and suffering in order to exchange them for an assured glory.  Peter has instructed the church to act as servants, to stay humble, and to resist the devil as we walk through all types of suffering.”

Aug 16, 2020
Dennis Miller
1st Peter

Peter moves to the topic of suffering — specifically for the name of Christ.  In this section, we learn how to prepare for suffering, the types of suffering often faced, and how to respond when we are mistreated for our faith.