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learn god's word with us

Grow in your understanding of God's Word with us by joining one of our upcoming studies.
Adult studies are offered at various times throughout the week, with the bulk happening on Wednesday nights during our Midweek programming. From September through March, during this Wednesday night time-slot of 6:30-8pm, we offer programming for the whole family. If you’re a parent, you can jump into a class while your children and youth have programming designed just for them!

Upcoming Studies

Women's Bible Study: Untangle Your Emotions

Join us on Wednesday evenings at Beth Weingart's home for the seven-week bible study "Untangle Your Emotions" by author Jennie Allen. Many of us need to unlearn damaging messages about our emotions. We’ve been taught, for example, that emotions are untrustworthy when, in fact, God can use them to help us see where we need His healing.

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Women's Bible Study: Mark

The Gospel of Mark walks through Jesus' baptism, ministry throughout Galilee, the gathering of the disciples, as well as his death, burial, and discovery of the empty tomb. This is a unique 8-week Bible Study, where there are no study guides or videos—just you, the Bible, and enjoying conversation with other women!

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Grow in His word

Grow in His Word is an orderly study that provides "hooks" and memory tools to help students grasp not only what happened in Scripture, but in what order.

Colson bible hands classroom study studies


Colson Fellows-in-Training goes beyond understanding worldview as mere arguments and facts. You will develop critical thinking skills and wisdom to discern what is true, good, and beautiful in every situation so you can know what to do.

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Rightnow Media

Rightnow Media is the “Netflix of Bible studies.” It offers relevant content for every age group or spiritual season. Parents, you’ll even find that RightNow Media has a multitude of videos and resources for your kids. ECC provides Rightnow media as a free resource offered to support spiritual growth.