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His Word Our Walk

Oct 01, 2023
Joshua Wilhite

In the last message in this series, our focus will be James 5:13-16 as we double down on the "How" of our WALK. We'll move from a general idea of knowing Jesus through the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings to a more practical conversation of working that out in a specific area of our lives.

If you missed a recent live broadcast and want to watch the entire worship service (including music and stage presentations), you can find our most recent services HERE.

Sep 24, 2023
Joshua Wilhite

We will move to our second of three weeks exploring our core value of HIS WORD OUR WALK. This weekend, we'll unpack Philippians 3:7-12. Last week, we looked at the "What" of our walk; that it's about transformation and participation in Christ. This week, we will begin looking at the "How" of our walk as we work through some of the Apostle Paul's most intense thoughts on the topic. As it turns out, Paul had a lot to say about what is truly gain and what is loss.

Sep 17, 2023
Joshua Wilhite
2nd Corinthians

We will begin a three-week series celebrating and exploring our core value of HIS WORD OUR WALK. This weekend, we'll focus on 2 Corinthians 5:21. As my life verse, I'm excited to share with you the depth of impact it has had in my life and how it can be an anchor verse for anyone who seeks to walk out God's word.