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House of Holiness

Dennis Miller

Today we conclude the Temple series by looking at the destruction of Herod’s Temple by the Romans in 70 AD.  We will see that Jesus told all those who would listen that this would happen.  Lastly, what is God’s plan for the future Temple and how does that affect each of us?

Dennis Miller

Today we see one of history’s most impressive buildings being built and we see how essential Herod’s Temple was for the life and ministry of Jesus.  
The Gospels are full of references to this Temple and, in all of it, we understand God’s miraculous timing.  For Jews and Christians, this is the world’s most famous Temple.

Dennis Miller

Today we see the Jewish people come back from captivity in Babylon and try to put the Temple back together.  We also will see how the Temple is abused, a foreshadowing of the Antichrist of the future.  In all of it, we see God’s patience and goodness.

Dennis Miller
2nd Kings

Today we see that the great Temple of Solomon becomes less important to the Jews as the world and it’s temptations become more attractive.  People first lose the love for God’s Word, and then they lose God’s blessing.  Finally, they even lose the Temple.

Dennis Miller
2nd Chronicles

Today we look at the first permanent Temple of the Jews as we study Solomon’s Temple.  Although we will study a building, we will learn some wonderful spiritual principles about being who you were meant to be and about God’s blessings.

Dennis Miller

Today we begin a new series for the summer that is based on the Temple of God.  The Temple has a rich history and a glorious future according to the Scriptures. It is also extremely important to God.  In this first study, we will do an overview of the Temple to prepare us for our series.