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The Road to Salvation

Mar 31, 2024
Dennis Miller Joshua Wilhite

We conclude this short series on THE ROAD TO . . . by looking at the Road to Glory where Jesus suddenly appeared to two of His followers on that first Easter. It is an amazing story because of what these two followers had missed — all of their lives — and how Jesus was able to teach them “along the road.”

Mar 29, 2024
Dennis Miller

Today, we will look at The Road to Suffering.

*There are no fill-in-the-blank notes for our Good Friday service*

Mar 24, 2024
Joshua Wilhite

We step into a Holy Week series called The Road to Salvation. On Palm Sunday, we remember the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. We will follow Jesus' Road to Kingship through Luke 18 and 19 as He moved through Jericho to Jerusalem while navigating both the confusion and the praise of His followers. We will explore His deep and durable love for us and prepare our hearts for Good Friday as we look ahead to the celebration of Resurrection Sunday.