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Community Groups

Pardon our dust! Our small groups ministry is under construction.

Community is essential to the healthy Christian, and we want to make sure you are equipped — the best we know how — to live a life in authentic community with other believers. So we are working hard behind the scenes to deepen and strengthen our community resources!


You can still make the most of the opportunities you have in front of you for relationships and growth. Begin in prayer. Ask the Lord to give you courage and commitment to seek community with an open heart. Community may come in unexpected ways with people that are different than you might expect. And then…
Look around you.

Who are the people you see consistently as you pick up your children from class on Sunday mornings or when you drop off your youth to events? What about the couple from church that you see walking in your neighborhood or the woman in the lobby that you see attending the women’s events frequently? These are natural points of connection and can be a great springboard for a small group.

Step out and introduce yourself.

Get to know them. Suggest attending the next ECC event together, sit together in worship service or invite them to dinner. Start small but look to build relationships naturally with those that are already around you.

Find your people.

As you connect with people, take that next big step. Suggest meeting more regularly and ask others you’re getting to know to join you.

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What’s your goal?

To pursue biblical transformation through meaningful, authentic relationships.

Let’s be honest, that sounds like a tall order. And it is! (Ahem, thus the desire to provide some fabulous resources in the coming months.) But you can practically start working towards this if you keep a few things in mind.

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1. Prioritize your relationship with Jesus

As any good flight attendant would say, “you need to put your own mask on first.” Before you try to invest in others, make sure you are investing in your relationship with Christ daily.

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2. Prioritize your group

It’s easy to say you want community with other believers, but its harder to put the effort into making it actually happen. Community requires commitment both when you feel like it and when you don’t. Prioritize your group meetings and your group members with your time and attention.

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3. Prioritize the Scriptures (and not your opinion)

A non-negotiable in Biblical community is the priority it gives to the Word of God. God’s Word is not an add-on to advice but rather the source of all counsel. Commit to knowing God’s Word and prioritizing it in your small group — in both word and deed.

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4. Prioritize Transparency

Transformation cannot happen if you are not truthful with one another. Be a trustworthy group member and learn to trust those in your group.

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5. Prioritize growth

We all need to grow. Be humble with one another, loving and patient... and also courageous. Love your other group members by being willing to help them grow through admonishment and encouragement and give them the blessing of being able to help you grow in your walk with the Lord by doing the same.

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6. Prioritize others

There is no finish line to cross before mobilizing your group to serve the Kingdom of God. Find a place to serve together and go out and do it. Within the church walls, outside the church walls — wherever you feel the Lord drawing you. God will magnify your impact through the collective gifts of your group. Just watch!

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